SEM9 Senai Hotel steps into Web3 by launching Malaysia’s first hotel NFT
3 min readSep 9, 2022

At the back of a successful hotel launch, sold over 1,000+ gaming rooms and served more than 2,000+ gamers in the last three months. SEM9 Senai, Southeast Asia’s First Esports Hotel, built by SEM9 esports organisation and backed by SEAGM & Aiken Digital, is launching its first hotel NFT collection — 99LIVES, on 9th September 2022 via Opensea.

SEM9 Senai reaffirms its commitment to innovate and leverage Web3 and blockchain technology to improve its brand loyalty and awareness. With 99LIVES, SEM9 Senai can connect deeper with the younger esports generation and its guests by introducing more immersive experiences and rewarding them with an exclusive membership program. In addition, 99LIVES will elevate SEM9 Senai’s status as one of the first few unique hotel chains to launch its own NFT collection to give back to the gaming community.

Owners of 99LIVES NFT will have access to free hotel night at SEM9 Senai, limited edition SEM9 merchandise, invites to participate in physical and digital events, special access to SEM9 and esports behind the scenes and latest information on all upcoming SEM9 projects that are in the pipeline. On
top of all the amazing perks, each 99LIVES NFT is a depiction of a tiger character with a unique mix of attributes and a combination of different facial features, accessories, and clothing items that give it a sense of collectability.

Kenny Mok, Managing Director of SEM9 Senai said: Gamers are always the earliest adopters of new technology. As for all of us here at SEM9 Senai, we are constantly looking for ways to embrace innovative and upcoming technology to improve our hotel experience. We believe that SEM9 Senai is
well-positioned in bringing unique experiences to our guests through the blockchain technology. 99LIVES will help our brand to connect deeper with the young and vibrant esports community and enhance brand loyalty with our guests.

Tommy Chieng, Chairman of SEM9 commented: The evolution of Web 3.0, blockchain and metaverse has transformed the esports and gaming industry inside out. My vision for SEM9 has always been exploring new opportunities as technology develops and it is only natural for us to venture into the NFT space through our esports hotel. With 99LIVES as our first NFT collection, we
are expanding our portfolios to new horizons. SEM9 aims to be a pioneer and game-changer for the esports industry today. We are thrilled with the potential of Web3.0, blockchain and metaverse that will be our foundation as we continue to build immersive digital experiences for our fans and the esports community.

99LIVES Genesis collection will debut on 9 September 2022 on OpenSea with a supply of 500 and it can be minted at 0.065 ETH for each NFT through 99LIVES official website.

Interested parties can learn more about 99LIVES and check out its latest roadmap here:

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SEM9 is a professional esports organization based in Malaysia competing at the highest levels in the Southeast Asian region in multiple major esports.