2 min readJan 28, 2022


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SEM9 Wild Rift returns to the 5on5 Open Series Presented by Yoodo Cup #5, after winning the rivalry in the third series. There are a total of eight teams competing in this series.

The Wild Rift 5on5 Open Series uses the BO1 format in the Quarter -Finals and Semi-Finals. While in the Final round playing with BO2 format.

SEM9 started the series in the quarter-final round going up against RTZ ENVY. SEM9 had no problem against RTZ ENVY as they won with a score of 0–1. In the Semi-Final round, SEM9 went up against HellRaisers Esports and managed to get the win to proceed to the finals stage.

Nasi Goreng United was the final hurdle for SEM9 to overcome to become the champions. The finals were won by SEM9 with a score of 2–0, crowning them the series Champions. SEM9 had no major issues on the way to being crowned champions in the series as they went undefeated in the playoffs stage.

SEM9 maintained a clean sheet in the 5on5 Open Series Presented by Yoodo Cup, as they are now champions in two organized series. Although this series is viewed as a warm-up for SEM9 before beginning the 2022 season, it is still a very good win to have before going into the 2022 season.

SEM9 is a professional esports organization based in Malaysia competing at the highest levels in the Southeast Asian region in multiple major esports.