2 min readJan 19, 2022


LOL Youth Esports Challenge 2021 : SEM9 Placed Third

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The League of Legends Youth Esports Challenge 2021 officially began on December 3rd under the auspices of SEGi University & Colleges Penang. The teams participating in this competition consisted of both amateur and professional teams from all over the country.

Each team participating in the LOL Youth Esports Challenge 2021 is split into two groups: Group A and Group B. The best team from each group will advance and compete in the Finals.

SEM9 had no problems advancing to the Semi Finals, SEM9 managed to beat Vengeance Gaming, Team Kimchi Delicious, and Last Minute, to advance to the Semi Finals with a score of 1–0 in all the matches.

However, in the Semi Finals, SEM9 lost to Expired Gaming with a score of 1–0, and failed to qualify for the Finals. SEM9 had to comply with third place, after winning the third place match.

According to SEM9 League of Legends team manager Kent Ong, the team has only recently been formed and needs some time to build their synergy. “We have just moved into a gaming house and I am confident that playing together in this environment can improve the understanding between them.” said team manager Kent Ong.

Moving past the unfortunate elimination from the Semi Finals, the SEM9 League of Legends players are now in bootcamp mode as they prepare for the PCS 2022. This year, SEM9 will be Malaysia’s sole representative at PCS. Don’t forget to follow the team’s progress on SEM9’s Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.



SEM9 is a professional esports organization based in Malaysia competing at the highest levels in the Southeast Asian region in multiple major esports.