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Wild Rift Team : SEM9 Represented Malaysia Admirably at the SEA EC 2021

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On January 6th, 2022, the top ten teams from all over the Southeast Asian region competed in the SEA Esports Championship 2021. The ten teams were split into two groups, Group A and Group B, and the top three teams for each group will advance to the playoffs.

Each match in the group stage is played in the BO2 format. SEM9 Wild Rift, who are in group A, had their first match against Fennel Adversity from the Philippines but were only able to get a draw in the match, ending with a score of 1–1.

SEM9 had to play two consecutive matches on the third day of the group stage, the first against Dream Esports from Brunei. The second against MBR Esports from Indonesia. SEM9 had no problem against Dream Esports winning with a score of 2–0 but fell to MBR Esports by a score of 0–2.

On the last day of the group stage, SEM9 faced Buriram United and needed to win if they wanted a spot in the playoffs. For the record, SEM9 has never won against the Thai team in all previous tournaments. But, SEM9 managed to win with a score of 2–0 over the Thai giants and qualified for the playoffs.

In the quarterfinals, SEM9 faced Singapore’s representative Team XD in a BO5 match. SEM9 had no trouble beating Team XD as they won with a score of 3–1 to qualify for the semi-finals.

SEM9 had to once again face the challenge of Buriram United, but this time in the semi-finals. Although SEM9 managed to beat Buriram United at the group stage, the same scenario did not happen for this semi-final round, as SEM9 lost to Buriram United by a score of 3–1.

SEM9’s voyage ended at the 3rd-4th place, but it is still a positive result as SEM9 placed top 4 best teams in the region. SEM9 took home $ 2,500 USD for finishing third and fourth place, respectively, with MBR Esports. The winner of the SEA Esports Championship 2021 was SBTC Esports of Vietnam. Beating Buriram United in the finals with a score of 4–1.
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SEM9 is a professional esports organization based in Malaysia competing at the highest levels in the Southeast Asian region in multiple major esports.